They go above and beyond in responding

Computer Troubleshooters (CT) have been taking care of our computer systems since 2013.  One of the biggest benefits of working with them is their ability to have experts manage our network both on-site and off-site while dealing with problems and maintenance in a timely fashion. CT goes above and beyond in responding to our requests for help whether over the phone or in our office. Sometimes they respond before we even know that we need them.  Our staff also feels comfortable when speaking to CT techs as they help us work through issues using language that we understand. I would tell anyone looking for a technology provider and considering CT to just do it, don’t worry about the added cost to your organization’s budget. I guarantee you will see your investment save you money in the long run the first time you have an unexpected event.

Brian Trostle Associate Pastor for Senior Adults and Pastoral Care
First Baptist Church, El Dorado

They offer Peace of Mind

Without a doubt the biggest benefit to working with Computer Troubleshooters has been “peace of mind”.  I know that my computer system is secure, up-to-date and backed up.  CT does what they say they will do.  My local backups run on time and we also backup to the cloud.  With my previous IT firm, I discovered that my backups had not run for several weeks and they had no explanation.  You will not find better IT support.  Besides the peace of mind, they also talk “too” you as opposed to being talked down to.  While I’m not an IT professional I’m not stupid.   CT explains IT issues and make recommendations so I can make informed decisions.

Steve Koskie, CPA

Local, dependable & knowledgeable IT provider

Since Computer Troubleshooters became my IT provider I have enjoyed having a local , dependable, knowledgeable IT firm that responds quickly to issues. They have much better response times and proactively inform me of issues that need addressing before they create a problem.  I've used a number of IT firms over 37 years of practice.  Computer Troubleshooters has been the best firm that I have done business with.

Dr. Audie Teague Teague Eye Care

CT is a full-service team that provides an excellent value

Computer Troubleshooters has allowed our office to have a fulltime technical support team without having to directly employ them. CT have been quick to respond to any of our computer issues. They easily helped us go virtual so we could work from home during the pandemic. They also help us with setting up new computers or the day-to-day issues with computers.  CT is a full-service team that provides an excellent value.  They protect our computers, help us manage our data and take care of any issues that may arise.

Jaren Books El Dorado Chamber of Commerce

Knowledgeable & Professional

Computer Troubleshooters has been my IT provider since 2012.  The biggest benefit CT has provided to me and my company is their IT knowledge and professionalism. I can spend my time and energy focusing on my profession while relying on CT to keep my IT updated, running, and backed up.  I would highly recommend using CT to take care of your IT needs. They are professionals and will keep your business updated, backed up, and operating with current standards. CT responds immediately to any IT issues and gets things on track promptly. Their technical service and customer service are excellent. Contracting CT to take care of my IT needs has allowed me more time to take care of my patients and focus on my profession. My advice to business owners is to rely on professionals in all areas to allow more time for the business to focus on its purpose.

Kristi Elia, DDS

No worries or headaches with Computer Troubleshooters

Computer Troubleshooters has been our IT provider since 2012.  One of the benefits I enjoy the most is knowing that when we have any computer of software problem, we know that it will be fixed that same day in most cases.  We make a call to them and they do the rest no worries or headaches.  My previous IT company had to come from out of town.  They offer fast and dependable service.  CT also communicates very well and keeps me informed.  I would 100% definitely recommend CT to anyone for their Managed IT Services.

Ashley Plummer, DDS

They are very genuine and do not talk down to us

Computer Troubleshooters have been our IT guys since 2013. We really enjoy the fast response time to any issues we have.  They are very genuine and do not talk down to us, they use terms we can understand.  We know the guys by name and as a bonus they bring you homemade Christmas cookies.

Sabra Hudman Family Eye Care

Our system is streamlined, updated, and well documented

Computer Troubleshooters (CT) have been great to work with.  The library’s network is streamlined, updated, and well documented instead of being pieced together as it was before.  Also, the computers all have the same operating systems, Windows 10, and Microsoft Office 2019 and are monitored and updated via CT.   Everyone at Computer Troubleshooters is knowledgeable and kind to us.  They don’t mind explaining things more than once and are very patient when we don’t know how to do things.  They don’t seem to mind having to attempt to figure out what we need from our sometimes less than expert description of the problem.  They are willing to work with us to procure e-rate funding for their services.  We have to top of the line product they offer because of the money we get from e-rate.  We would not be in the position we are now with our computer services if it weren’t for this money.

Rhonda Rolen Columbia County Library System

Staff size allows them to quickly respond to any issue

The single biggest benefit of working with Computer Troubleshooters is having someone that we can turn to with any of our information technology needs or issues that may arise. I think the number of staff available at CT allows them to respond quickly to any issues that arise, and thus help get us back to work more efficiently. Having CT to turn to for any IT issues is well worth the money and eliminates one more issue that we would otherwise have to work through.

Matthew Shepherd Shepherd & Shepherd Law Firm

No down time

One of the benefits we have really enjoyed since Computer Troubleshooters (CT) became our technology provider is no down time with our computers.  We used to have trouble quite often until we retained Computer Troubleshooters as our IT firm.  CT is great at prompt help with important issues and reliable service.  The techs are easy to work with and seem very knowledgeable and happy to help.  I would tell anyone to give CT a chance, you will not be disappointed.

Dana Curry Office Manager
Ouachita Hardwood Flooring

I have peace of mind knowing that CT works on my behalf

One of the greatest benefits of working with Computer Troubleshooters as my IT provider is with all the unknown cyber criminals swarming around, I have peace of mind knowing that CT works on my behalf to protect our business and machines.   CT has a team of knowledge to draw from and the pool of knowledge typically can fix most any issue rather quickly.   I was a bit hesitant having behind the scenes programs running on my machines. It initially made me feel like our systems were compromised, but I am happy they are there to protect my business and work on our behalf.

Brent McDiarmid Glenn Mechanical

Vast knowledge and array of services

We have enjoyed our relationship with Computer Troubleshooters as our IT provider.  Their vast knowledge and array of services have been a tremendous benefit to our firm.  I have been particularly pleased with the fast response times.  I would highly recommend CT to anyone needing IT services.

Jon Robinson WL Cook, CPA

Really enjoy the fast response time

Since Computer Troubleshooters became our IT provider one of the biggest benefits has been the comfort in knowing that we are taken care of by knowledgeable partners with integrity. We have really enjoyed the fast response time to critical issues and the proactive planning.  I would say to anyone that CT is a team focused on excellence and value.

Carolyn Merritt Administrator
Hudson Memorial Nursing Home

Great job in taking care of all my IT needs

One of the great benefits of having Computer Troubleshooters as my IT team is access to qualified technicians.  I have particularly worked with Randy for years and he does a great job in taking care of all my IT needs.  I would tell someone looking for IT support to choose CT you will not regret it.

Bob Edstrom Edstrom CPA Firm

They are great at solving issues quickly

One of the benefits of working with Computer Troubleshooters is being able to call and get almost immediate help. They are great at solving issues quickly. I would tell anyone looking for IT support that CT is prompt on current and future issues and we also feel connected to the guys on a personal level as well.

Mandy Wallace Alice-Sidney Oil

CT has great response time

We have enjoyed working with Computer Troubleshooters as our IT company.  I especially like the fact that everything is updated in a timely manner without us having to request. CT has great response time, and their service techs are very knowledgeable and friendly.  I would tell other business owners that a burden will be removed from you and your employees with CT taking care of your technology needs.

Randy Williams Williams Body & Glass