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4 Reasons to Choose Computer Troubleshooters to Support Your Computer Network


We live work and play in South Arkansas & North Louisiana, which means you are talking to your neighbor not some guy in a call center on the other side of the world who doesn’t understand you or your business.


We Talk Like You Do, expect PLAIN ENGLISH. You won’t be made to feel stupid by any technical talk from our IT support specialists.


Competent Repairs, Your business uptime is important. You can count on our team to get you back up and running ASAP.


We Take Complete Ownership of Your IT Problems, dealing with IT problems out of your control is frustrating. This often results in “finger-pointing” as to who is truly responsible for resolution. We take full ownership of our client’s IT problems as their advocate and work diligently with third-party vendors to get a resolution as quickly as possible.

See what other business owners are saying about us…

They go above and beyond in responding

Computer Troubleshooters (CT) have been taking care of our computer systems since 2013.  One of the biggest benefits of working with them is their ability to have experts manage our network both on-site and off-site while dealing with problems and maintenance in a timely fashion. CT goes above and beyond in responding to our requests for help whether over the phone or in our office. Sometimes they respond before we even know that we need them.  Our staff also feels comfortable when speaking to CT techs as they help us work through issues using language that we understand. I would tell anyone looking for a technology provider and considering CT to just do it, don’t worry about the added cost to your organization’s budget. I guarantee you will see your investment save you money in the long run the first time you have an unexpected event.

Brian Trostle Associate Pastor for Senior Adults and Pastoral Care
First Baptist Church, El Dorado

They offer Peace of Mind

Without a doubt the biggest benefit to working with Computer Troubleshooters has been “peace of mind”.  I know that my computer system is secure, up-to-date and backed up.  CT does what they say they will do.  My local backups run on time and we also backup to the cloud.  With my previous IT firm, I discovered that my backups had not run for several weeks and they had no explanation.  You will not find better IT support.  Besides the peace of mind, they also talk “too” you as opposed to being talked down to.  While I’m not an IT professional I’m not stupid.   CT explains IT issues and make recommendations so I can make informed decisions.

Steve Koskie, CPA

Knowledgeable & Professional

Computer Troubleshooters has been my IT provider since 2012.  The biggest benefit CT has provided to me and my company is their IT knowledge and professionalism. I can spend my time and energy focusing on my profession while relying on CT to keep my IT updated, running, and backed up.  I would highly recommend using CT to take care of your IT needs. They are professionals and will keep your business updated, backed up, and operating with current standards. CT responds immediately to any IT issues and gets things on track promptly. Their technical service and customer service are excellent. Contracting CT to take care of my IT needs has allowed me more time to take care of my patients and focus on my profession. My advice to business owners is to rely on professionals in all areas to allow more time for the business to focus on its purpose.

Kristi Elia, DDS

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